Why choose us?

When seeking the best treatment option for your spine surgery, choosing orthopaedic spine surgeon Todd Peter, MD is the best choice. Here are the top reasons patients choose to have spine surgery with Dr. Peters.

Outstanding Outcomes – Recognized for his excellence in surgery and attention to detail
VIP Experience Spine Care – Putting patients first from day one
Excellence in Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Spine Surgery – Rated one of the top minimally invasive orthopaedic spine surgeons

Outstanding Outcomes

Dr. Peters’ team of certified, diligent and compassionate staff provides clinical and administrative support to our patients. They are committed to providing high standard of assistance, treatment and care for patients to make sure that the treatment process goes smoothly and done efficiently. Our collective efforts address all surgical, medical and administrative matters are delivered in the best interest of our patients. We also make sure to incorporate conversations with family members throughout the process, so that no patient’s family members, loved ones, or friends are ever “left in the dark.” They know they can call my office or me for regular updates throughout the operative period. We strive to eliminate any amount of worry or concern that may develop.

VIP Experience Spine Care

VIP experience spine care means we take care of you and we take care of everything! We deliver highly personalized, individualized, comprehensive spine care to our patient, from the time of the initial evaluation and diagnosis, to treatment and through recovery. We spend as much time with you to thoroughly discuss your treatment options with you beforehand, including pre and post-operative process or questions you might have. We spend time with you and your family describing all of your treatment options, weighing the risks and benefits of each one. We listen to our patients and understand their personal lives and daily goals to be able to effectively design specific spinal solutions and meet their expectations. Our office will arrange all appointments including MRIs, medical clearance, and other appointments. All you need to do is show up on your appointments! Our staff also takes care of filling all insurance coding fees and claims for our patients who are out-of-network, making sure maximum reimbursement goes directly to the patient. Our office will provide assistance with travel arrangements and hotel accommodations to make your stay, including your family’s, as pleasant as possible and will arrange your visit to accommodate you requests or special needs. And while you are recovering in the hospital, you will be closely monitored by Dr. Peters personally, as well as the nursing staff, internal medicine doctor, cardiologist and other consultants that he deems appropriate. Dr. Peters ensures that we provide the best surgical care and the best aftercare.

Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Spine Surgery

Dr. Peters, board certified and fellowship-trained Orange County orthopaedic spine surgeon, has been rated one of the top minimally invasive orthopaedic spine surgeons for cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine procedures. Most minimally invasive orthopaedic spine procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis or an overnight stay with little post-operative pain. Our results demonstrate that spinal surgery either in the neck or back can be done safely with minimal downtime. Dr. Peters is at forefront of modernizing spinal surgery operations while remaining highly conservative in our clinical judgment and determination of who is the right candidate for surgery. For more information our services or to request an appointment with Todd Peters, please call (949) 383-4182 today or Contact Us.