Stem Cell Research

Dr. Peter’s Concentration in Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell & Regenerative Biologics

Biologics have continued to have a major impact on advancing spinal and other orthopaedic procedures. There is a great deal of excitement and a possible future application for regenerative biologics and the use of stem cell therapies in the treatment of spinal conditions.

Stem Cells – Ongoing Research

Dr. Peters does anticipate regenerative biologic solutions will continue to become more tailored to spine care. Dr. Peters has actively dedicated his experience and time to help further these advances. Currently, he is researching the lab use of naturally-secreted human growth factors and matrix proteins, known to stimulate stems cells and new tissue growth in the body. He believes these regenerative properties will serve to help people suffering from spine related issues in the coming years.

Currently, the use of stem cell related and bio-synthetic medical devices are showing promise in surgical applications. When coupled with minimally invasive surgical techniques, Dr. Peters has found superior surgical outcomes. He continues to utilize these types of specialized biologics to treat his surgically qualified patients.

Although the future of regenerative technologies is promising and the research continues to make strides, today there is NO statistically significant proof or FDA granted approvals to use injectable stem cell therapies for spine or disc applications.

Human Growth

Dr. Peters continues to help educate patients regarding the use of regenerative technologies, as his patient’s financial investment in their care is something he takes very seriously.

Dr. Peters currently follows the industry standard and has withheld incorporating the FDA’s off label use of stem cell injection therapies into his practice until studies have been conducted to support these individual patient’s investment. Dr. Peters can help educate you on the effective uses of regenerative therapies and those technologies that are often overly promoted and marketed by businesses and the news versus those that have true benefits in current spinal care.