Patient Education

Patient Education Links Compiled by Dr. Peters

Dr. Peters and the MiSpine Center believe patient education is not only important, but is imperative to the care process and pathway to healing. Dr. Peters and his partners find if a patient is effectively educated on the options of care and about pre and post operative expectations when surgical intervention is required, patient simple do better.

In addition, to the time Dr. Peters will spend with you to make sure you receive this important information, the links provided are to help you better understand the array of symptoms and conditions related to the spine.

Dr. Peters and the MiSpine Center encourage their patients to have open and candid conversations with their team to best understand the specifics of their condition and to improve the overall success of their patients care and long-term outcomes.

Broken Bones and Injury


Sprains, Strains and Other Injuries:

Other Injuries:

Diseases and Syndromes

Pain Syndromes:

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Nonsurgical Treatment:

Surgical Treatments:

Prevention and Safety


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