Love your spine in 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to thank your spine. Yes, your spine has done a lot for you this past year. Your spine holds up your body, distributes your weight evenly, and protects your spinal cord and so much more. So for the New Year, make some goals to love your spine for all that is does every day. Dr. Peters gives you some resolutions to think about.

Stretch. Stretching your back keeps your spine flexible and improves the motion range of your spine. Make it a goal to stretch your back for ten to fifteen minutes a day. Dr. Peters recommends stretching in the morning when you get out of bed to warm up your mind and body.

Maintain Proper Posture. Poor posture can really harm your spine. It can cause pain in your neck and shoulders which can cause your body to become imbalanced. Make sure the three natural curves in your spine are maintained. Poor posture can stress or pull muscles in your back and cause pain. Also, it is important to keep your shoulders relaxed, not elevated, hunched or rounded. Look in the mirror when checking for proper posture to better help you align yourself.

Exercise and Weight Loss. Back pain is more prevalent among those who are obese or overweight. With extra weight on the body, the spine has to compensate for it, which can cause the spine to become stressed and develop an unnatural curvature. By exercising and losing weight, this can help remove the pressure and stress from your spine and give it back its natural shape. Start slowly with exercising and do only what you can. Every day try to improve. Start with going for walks and staying active for half an hour or more. Before you start a diet or exercise regimen, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

Dr. Peters is grateful to have been a part of 2014 with you. We hope with 2015, you learn to love your spine a little more and look forward to seeing you next year. However, we understand that spinal pain may not go away with these small steps. If you are still in pain, call (949) 383-4182 or Contact us today for a consultation.