Scoliosis Treatment

Dedicated to the Minimally Invasive Treatment of Scoliosis

Fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon Todd Peters, MD is highly experienced in the most modern techniques and procedures for scoliosis treatment. Dr. Peters provides fully integrated, multidisciplinary orthopaedic scoliosis treatment in Newport Beach and all of Orange County. Dr. Peters accepts national and international referrals for scoliosis and treats patients from not only Orange County but throughout Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as from across the country and internationally.

Highly -Specialized Scoliosis Treatment, Expertise and Experience

Scoliosis treatment is based on the age of the person, the size and severity of the curve, and the risk of progression. The risk of progression is based on age at diagnosis, the size of the curve (as measured using X-rays of the spine), and skeletal age (which can be determined by the Risser sign).

Nonsurgical treatment- This includes either routine exams your scoliosis doctor, Todd Peters, to check for any curve progression or the use of a brace to stop a spinal curve from getting worse. Children usually have these checkups about every four to six months, while adults are usually checked about once each year.
Surgical treatment- Surgery can be used to insert implants to hold the spine in place or fuse the spine together so that the curve cannot get worse. Scoliosis surgeon Todd Peter, MD specializes in minimally invasive techniques to treat scolios.

Comprehensive and VIP Experience in Spine Tumor Patient Care

Dr. Peters’ goal of your initial visit is to understand your daily activities, physical goals, and, symptoms that you are experiencing. A thorough evaluation of your past and current health and condition will be conducted, including relevant tests and imagings (X-rays, MRI, CT scans) to complete your health evaluation.

Once a specific diagnosis is identified based on your comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Peters will discuss the various therapeutic options available. Once completed, he will be happy to provide you with your final care. However, he will always encourage patients to gain a second opinion consultation if desired, as he recognizes the importance of the patients being completely confident in the his recommendations.

Orange County orthopaedic surgeon Todd Peters, MD specializes in minimally invasive scoliosis treatment. For more information or to request an appointment, please call (949) 383-4182 or Contact Us.